Best aquarium - planted tank
Best aquarium - planted tank

Canister Hagen Fluval Filter 06 Series for your fish tank review

The external canister filters will provide complete filtration for your aquariums. The modular design allows for quick and easy maintenance while the multiple filter media baskets allow the use of various filter media. The Fluval 06 series incorporate twin mechanical foam filter screens which efficiently trap waste and debris for cleaner water. In addition, they help to enhance the performance of all filter media.


Available size:

Fluval 106 canister filter for tank up to 100 Liters (25 U.S. Gal.)

Fluval 206 canister filter for tank up to 200 Liters (40 U.S. Gal.)

Fluval 306 canister filter for tank up to 300 Liters (70 U.S. Gal.)

Fluval 406 canister filter for tank up to 400 Liters (100 U.S. Gal.)


I currently use all types of Fluval filter for work. If you are looking for a best aquarium filter for your freshwater tank, this is what you need. They are well built, easy to clean and they can fit lots of media which mean strong nitrogen cycle and a healthy tank. They are a little expensive but it’s nothing if you think at all the advantage. Since Hagen came up with the new 06 series, the Fluval 05 is much cheaper!

Always keep extra motor seal rings on hand, because they do leak. Most leaking problems occur after a cleaning.

One thing I really hate about those filters is the gunk that dislodges from the hoses and end up in my tank when I clean the filter and restart the siphon.

My Fluval still work well after up to 5 years.